Zoom Not Working in Word 2016 Print Layout View

All of a sudden today, my print layout view in Word 2016 was teeny tiny and the zoom slider on the lower right of the screen was grayed out.  On the view tab, the Zoom section only had “Thumbnails”, which effectively made the view even smaller.

Maybe that’s OK for a Millennial’s eyesight, but for those of us who started out in WordStar back in the early ’80s, this is a major impediment.

It turns out that this is a “feature” and not a bug.

Here’s the explanation and fix from Jay Freedman, a Community Moderator on answers.microsoft.com, responding to questions from Debra Hollinrake and Anthony Cooney:

“Anthony, I suspect that both you and Debra have run into the problem with one of Word’s new “features”, side-to-side scrolling. I can tell from Debra’s screen shot — because of the presence of the Zoom group containing only a Thumbnails button, that her Word is set to side-to-side. If your View tab looks like this, it’s also the cause of your problem: When side-to-side is turned on, all zooming is disabled except for the thumbnails view (which makes the pages even smaller).”


Click the Vertical button to return to “normal”, and the zoom will be re-enabled.

A huge thank you to Jay!